Are YOU in the Know?

Frequently Asked Questions About Flyboarding

Do I have to wear a helmet?

We ask that all Top Gun Flyboard users wear a water sports helmet.

Will I be required to wear a life vest?

All Top Gun Flyboard users are REQUIRED to wear life vests.

Is there an age requirement ?

Age requirement  is 13 years old with parental consent, 18+ without.

Is there a weight limit?

The minimum weight is 100lbs and the max weight is 300lbs.

Will the the board fit on my feet?

All Top Gun Flyboard board boots are adjustable from size 6 to 14.  “Water shoes” are recommended if you want the extra grip, but not necessary.

Is flyboarding hard to learn?

Flyboarding takes a little balance and feet coordination but its very easy to learn. Most are able to learn in about 10 minutes.

What powers the Flyboard?

The flyboard is powered by a jetski.  A hose is fitted from the ski to the board and the water pressure lifts you.

Will the Flyboard make me sink?

No, The board FLOATS.

Will the Flyboard push you underwater when you fall?

No. You will be with a Certified Flyboard Instructor or Operator of which are trained to observe safety. They will cut the thrust as soon as the Flyboard user enters the water, floating you to the surface.

What is the depth of the water that the Flyboard needs to operate?

The operating depth of the Flyboard must be 12 feet minimum.

How high does the flyboard go?

The maximum height is about 25ft.; however, our instructors will only take you as high as you feel comfortable.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel this service, without penalty or obligation, within up to 48HRS prior to the time of your booked session. Notification of cancellations within this time will be refunded 100% of purchase price. Cancellations made within 48HRS or “no call, no show” clients will NOT be refunded. If inclement weather, TOP GUN Flyboards will decide to push back the booked session or to reschedule the session completely, if needed. If the weather continues and rescheduling is not possible, the purchaser will be refunded 100%.

Please be sure to bring your photo ID, your receipt, and a beach towel. Optional: water shoes, wet suit/rash guard.